Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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Q1: On the initial play, can you please explain how the fielder at 1B only needs to touch a portion of white. What if someone has a big foot, can that person can actually stick the foot out to touch a portion of the orange? What if that is blocking a large part of the

A1: If the play is not close, it is ok for the fielder having the ball to touch a small part of white, and more of orange. But the fielder should still get out of the way, as the Batter-Runner (BR) may still be running hard toward the orange. Similarly if the Batter-Runner is obviously safe, and touches only a small portion of orange and more of white, when there is no risk of collision. When there’s no risk of collision or injury, it is not an issue.

It becomes an issue if the fielder is sticking out the foot into orange, intentionally or unintentionally, and causes the risk of collision and injury.

In a close play, if the fielder in a process of fielding the ball, the fielder CAN touch part of orange — However, if the fielder touches a large portion of orange and causes the BR to have to slow-down, break stride, veer to the right, etc. to avoid collision or injury, the fielder can be called for obstruction or at least given a warning. Even if the fielder already has the ball, but is purposely trying to trip, intimidate or causing collision to the BR, that is unsportsmanlike behaviour, and can be warned or ejected. It is a judgement call to the umpire(s).

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