Player Code of Conduct – VBall


Please sign the bottom of the page, indicating you have read, understood and are willing to comply with the rule.

Sign by parent/guardians if the Participant is 17 & under.

# This is a Christian league. All players are expected to behave with Christian spirit, love one another, and play the game in a spirit of good sportsmanship and fellowship.

# No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illicit drugs are allowed at any games or activities related to the TCSA. If this is during a game, there will be an automatic ejection.

# Swearing is not tolerated, players should be given one warning and subsequent offense will result in automatic ejection.

# Umpires will not tolerate dangerous play. Players engaged in such activity may be warned to stop but if in the umpire's judgment it was deliberate and it caused injury, no warning will be given and the persons would be automatically ejected from the game. Any extreme unsportsmanlike behavior which could be interpreted as a threat to other players will result in an automatic ejection.

# Fighting, and any actions that can reasonably be expected to lead to fighting pre-, during-, and/or post-game will not be tolerated. Players involved will be ejected from the game or subsequent game if incident occurs post-game.

# Players who heckle other players will be given one warning and if the heckling continues, the player will be ejected. That type of behavior is unsuitable for our league. We are here to build each other up and not to bring each other down.

# Governors and Captains are responsible for the behavior of their teams and their teams' spectators.

# Players are not allowed to make verbal calls of the plays (e.g. In/Out) prior to the umpires making the call. This is rude and also intends to influence the umpire's decision. If any player is found doing so the team is given a warning and the next player on that team to do likewise will be ejected. Since the spectators are the responsibility of the team, any spectators found violating this rule will be warned and if the rule is violated again the team whom the spectator is associated will cause the team to lose sportsmanship points and forfeit their game. If you have any questions for the umpires please tell your captain or governor since only they may direct inquires to the umpires (other than normal appeals during a play).

# All ejected players may no longer participate in any manner with the softball game, but may continue to be present at the game and participate in the post game activities, especially devotions. However, if players ejected pursuant to this subsection disrupt the game in any manner, the umpire can request the offender to leave the grounds. If, after giving warning, the offender fails to leave the grounds within 5 minutes, the game can be stopped and forfeited to the opposing team regardless of score or inning.