Player 17 and Under – Waiver Form

Toronto Christian Sports Association (TCSA)
2017-2018 Vball Waiver Form

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I/We, , (print name of Parent/Guardians) the undersigned acknowledge and accept full responsibility for all my own/child’s actions and consequences, including accidents, injuries or unforeseen difficulties resulting from my own/child’s participation in 2017-2018 Volleyball Team and all events organized by TCSA and its association churches.

I/We hereby release TCSA, its association churches, and all of its staff, directors and volunteers of any and all liability and responsibility for any injuries incurred as a result of my own/ child’s participation.

I/We also give TCSA, its association churches, and its entire staffs, directors and volunteer the authority to proceed with any medical treatment necessary in the case of injury or accident.


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